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Assessment & Development Centre Capabilities

Assessment & Development Centre is known to be a costly exercise; financial, time and human resources. OPTIMAL brings to you a flexi model that makes Assessment & Development Centre effective, efficient and value for money. Partnering the best in-class test publishers we provide our clients with only the best options.   


We offer our clients the following options:

OPTION 1: Design & Equip

1.  We design the Assessment & Development process in 4 phases
      a. Screen-in
      b. Filter-in
      c. Selection / A&D Centre
      d. Development

2.  We partner our clients to select the assessments / tests and design exercise/s for all phases     
3.  We conduct a 2-day A&D Centre workshop to equip in-house assessors and administrators   

OPTION 2: Outsourced Assessment & Development Centre

1.  We conduct a half-day / one-day assessment & development centre for a maximum group of 6 participants

2.  We conduct a half-day / one-day individual assessment & development centre for senior management

OPTION 3: Assessment & Development Centre Tests / Tools

1.  We have a comprehensive and impressive list of assessments, tests and tools under the following categories:
      a. Cognitive ability tests 
            i.     Numerical reasoning
            ii.    Verbal reasoning
            iii.   Matrigma
            iv.   Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory
            v.    Judgment  
      b. Virtual AC tests
            i.     Inbox
            ii.    Situational Judgment / Dilemma Test (Graduate / Management level) 
      c.  Psychometric assessments  
            i.     Hogan Personality Assessment
            ii.    Hogan Development Survey
            iii.   Hogan Motives, Values & Preferences Inventory
            iv.   Resilience test
            v.    Sales Potential Identification