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Why Optimal?

OPTIMAL is the trusted partner in leader-talent identification and succession planning. In addition we are distributor-partner for leading global psychometric assessments in Asia. 
We deliver comprehensive consulting services which allow organisations translate their organisational strategy into success by leveraging on our expertise, knowledge, resources, and experience. Combining the knowledge and expertise from our team of in-house consultants and our global strategic alliances, we offer state-of-the-art tools and methodologies for developing innovative approaches and practices. Our solutions are unique, business-driven, and scalable across all levels of organisations and applicable region wide.
We are committed to solid, credible client-consultant partnerships. Our advice and solutions are tailored to the business and environment of each organisation and are designed to ensure the optimal return on investment of human capital.
We are a dynamic team with proven track record of excellence in delivery a cross varied array of fields and industries. We bring a combination of local, regional and global knowledge with adiverse mix of professional expertise, experience, and cultural backgrounds. Our people carry with them commitment, integrity, and a can-do spirit.