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HR Asia, 2020

COVID-19 Best Practices and How Different People React to Them

Our article titled "Flattening And Shortening The Curve: Personality Matters" was featured on one of the Asia's most authoritative publication for HR Professionals. 


Hogan Blog, 2020

Flattening and Shortening the Curve: Personality Matters

In this article, using Hogan scales, we have theoretically predicted the traits that would allow one to naturally demonstrate five best practices aimed at minimising the spread of the virus.

The COVID-19 outbreak is shaping up to be a trial by fire, straining many healthcare systems to their limits and testing the abilities of governments around the world. Similar to how companies need to manage their employees to beat their competition, governments need to manage their citizens to emerge victorious against the pandemic.

Even though “flattening the curve” seems to be our best hope of ultimately eradicating the virus, it can be a long-drawn-out process. What if it were possible to not just “flatten the curve”, but also to “shorten” it? While this is an emerging theory based on recent epidemiological studies, we believe that when coupled with effective governance and sufficient public health interventions, an understanding of personality and motivation can be key to “flattening and shortening the curve”. For governments, it is important to know your populace and their likely behaviour. As individuals, we can all play a part by consciously being aware of and managing our innate tendencies, which can be counterproductive during this pandemic.



Formulae to Excel: Capabilities, Competence, Commitment

What does it take to excel? Ho Wan Leng, CEO of Optimal Consulting Group says there are three key components: capabilities, competence, commitment. Three requirements that are true across all professions, Wan Leng will be share insights on the importance of these factors in ensuring your ability to excel and perform at your level best. 



It's All In The Personality

Read Hogan CEO, Dr. Tomas' interview with the Singapore Business Times Raffles Conversation published, arranged by Optimal, Hogan partner in Singapore.


HR in ASIA, 2015

Can Asian Leaders Have Both Authority & Humility? 

Leaders from Optimal Consulting Group, Sirota and Hogan Assessment Systems discussed growing employee engagement by understanding personality at a special event in Singapore.. Read on to find out more... 


Psychology's Iconoclast

The psychology of leadership and effective organisations is hugely misunderstood, says Robert Hogan in an article from the Business Times in Singapore. Research shows that not all bosses can lead. From the point of view of a lot of economists...