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Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI), measures The Inside of Personality – individuals’ core goals, values, drivers, and interests that determine what they desire and strive to attain. MVPI predicts organisational fit and job satisfaction by evaluating the fit between an individual’s values and organisational culture.


The MVPI Insight Report is for understanding the kinds of jobs and work environments people find congenial and will help them make better career decisions. It provides information in terms of 10 value dimensions; each dimension contains five subscales concerning Lifestyles, Beliefs, Occupational Preferences, Aversions, and Preferred Associates.

The Leader Focus Report is designed to heighten strategic self-awareness and understand personality, motivations, and values that predicts one’s managerial effectiveness, styles and biases. Report is based on HPI and MVPI only. 

The Compass Report outlines the occupational significance of a person's core values and provides effective career planning information. This values-driven report clarifies a person’s values, compares these values with various occupations and cultures, and describes the kind of people with whom the person will be comfortable to work and live.

The Flash Report graphically displays Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory scale scores and subscales score. The report is designed for use by a coach or user with expertise to interpret based on numbers alone.


The Values Report explores a person's core values and goals that ultimately drive a leader’s behavior, aspirations and expectations about life. What a person values determines how he/she will lead; this determines the kind of environment a leader will create and the sort of organizational culture the person will do the best work.