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Hogan Assessment Certification

The Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop consists of both theoretical and practical components.  In addition to examining the concept of personality and its importance for development and selection, the workshop provides a comprehensive tutorial on four Hogan inventories
The first two days of the Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop (Level One) is mandatory (if you are not certified) and will teach you Hogan’s three core personality-based assessments and how to interpret individual assessment results. The third day of the workshop (Level Two) is optional, and it is designed to deepen your interpretation skills.

Prior to the workshop, the participants are required to complete an online learning to gain basic understandings for Hogan Assessments. Thereafter, they will receive their own Hogan assessments (HPI, HDS, MVPI) with a set of Hogan LEAD & Summary reports, as well as an hour of 1:1 feedback session with a Hogan licensed consultant.

The workshop will be facilitated by Hogan licensed instructors who have multiple years of assessment administration and interpretation experience. A certification will be awarded upon successful passing the post-workshop online test. Level One Hogan Certification Workshop will entitle participants to receive a Hogan Assessment Certification workbook and a learning resources USB, and 2 free Hogan IDs to be used within 6-month post certification. Participants for Level 2 Hogan Certification Workshop will receive additional free Hogan ID as trial too. 

Optimal Partnership Consultants is registered under Human Resources Development Corporation (HRD Corp); the Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop has been approved to be HRD Corp claimable.
Optimal has certified more than 2991 users since 2006.

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