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Professional Hogan Assessment Certification Workshops 
These courses build both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the respective psychometric tools.  The workshops are internationally accredited and are conducted by our fully licensed, experienced facilitators.

Designed to help enhance self-awareness in the realm of leading self, leading others, and leading performance. Our clients enjoys the flexibility to choose their preferred coach from our pool of credible coaches, the approach, duration and number of sessions to address their performance gaps in a targeted manner. Aimed at supporting leaders and high potentials to make step-by-step changes to leadership and effectiveness, we strive to uphold our reputation for precise prediction and quality delivery, by providing coaching and mentoring on broadening perspectives, fostering rapport and vision, and encouraging a breakthrough for perceived obstacles.
Both public and in-house development workshops are designed based on scientifically validated research concepts of various dimensions such as resilience against change (in partnership with Roffey Park Institute UK), conflict management, leadership versatility, emotional competence, and team morale to help transform leadership effectiveness through theory, application, practice and feedback for your talents and leaders.