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Coaching Services
Leader/ Talent Coaching and Relocation Coaching Services 

Self-Discovery & Self-Optimisation Programme / Executive Coaching

OPTIMAL’s Self-Discovery helps enhance self-awareness in the realm of leading self, leading others, and leading performance. Based on this modular learning structure, the Self-Optimisation Programme is designed to effectively bridge the potential performance gaps through follow-up mentoring sessions. Aimed at supporting leaders and high potentials to make step-by-step changes to leadership and effectiveness, our Self-Optimisation programme reinforces the results of the Self-Discovery programme by providing coaching and mentoring on broadening perspectives, fostering rapport and vision, and encouraging a breakthrough for perceived obstacles.

Leader Talent Coaching and Relocation Coaching
When you are planning to relocate a leader / talent into Asia or within Asia, OPTIMAL is whom you need to call. We got the benchmark data for Asia and many Asian countries! Against these data, we coach your leader / talent to greater heights of success before relocation or initial periods of relocation. Better still, if you include us in your selection process
Our Relocation Coaching Programme Framework:
1. Strategic self-awareness
2. Destination benchmarks and culture – mind the gap, leverage the common grounds
3. Coaching to greater heights – including cultural orientation

Team Leadership Coaching
This session aims to help leaders in developing strategies towards building high performing team by effectively mentoring, leading and engaging all team members..
Our Team Leadership Coaching Framework:
1. Strategic Self-awareness
2. Knowing and Understanding Team’s Strengths & Challenges, Similarities & Differences, Preferences, Tendencies and Motivators of Each Contributing Team Members 
3. Action Plans on Leading Others and Leading Performance