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Optimal / MEMBERS / Optimal Club Membership (OCM) Program
Optimal Club Membership (OCM) Program
Optimal Club Membership (OCM) Program sets out to enhance the user experience for all Hogan certified users and provide value-adding opportunities for our corporate clients in the Asia Pacific region.

Upon completion of 2-day Hogan Assessment Certification conducted by Optimal Consulting Group, you will automatically enjoy a 1-year Optimal Club Membership with compliments from us. 

Thereafter, you may choose to renew your membership as an OCM Gold or OCM Platinum member, which enables you to enjoy an exclusive relationship that rewards individuals and organisations with exceptional privileges on our customised products, research data, professional services and annual networking sessions. Annual OCM Gold or OCM Platinum membership includes;

  • Special Rates member and team members’ participation of any Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop by Optimal
  • Complimentary Technical Support Sessions (Level One* or Level Two**) made available to all Hogan Users
  • Complimentary Passes to Optimal Public Events and Hogan User Meetings
  • Special Edition reports, including but not limited to, benchmark norms (Exclusive to members only)
  • Exclusive Discounts on Optimal’s customized team reports, findings on benchmark norms, profiles, ROI studies, competencies / capabilities mapping & identifying key engaging & disengaging factors for individual, team and organizational level