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optimal360 is an integrated, customised solution for collating and analysing multi-source feedback. An online survey designed for organisations to assess incumbents against their own set of competencies.

  • Broad Spectrum Customisation allows survey setup based on your needs and relevancy to survey purpose - including competencies, survey questions, rating scales and rater groups.
  • An Off-the-shelf Solution is specially designed to gain raters' perspective of skill level and development potential. The default rating questions and definitions, rating scales, and report sections are developed for Individual Development Planning purposes.
  • Intuitive User Interface with instant online guide makes the survey easy to fill in to achieve good response rate
  • Robust Survey Management & Status Tracking featuring real-time response update and automatic email notifications to raters to monitor survey progress.

Optimal e360 individual Report covers in depth information of learner on the following;

  • Rating Overview – ranking of items based on average score
  • Group Summary – Rating breakdown by rater groups and scoring distribution of all items
  • Gap Analysis – identifying gaps between self and others
  • Scoring Distribution Summary – Frequency Distribution of ratings given by each rater group
  • Raters Comments – All comments by raters
  • Skill – Development Potential Matrix – mapping of items to evaluate the needs and priorities for intervention plan

Optimal e360 Group Report provides consolidated information of group of learners on the following;

  • Rating Overview – overall group average score for each item
  • Participant Ranking – ranking of participants based on personal average score
  • Group Summary of rating gaps – identifying trends in gaps between self and other rater groups for each items
  • Gap Analysis of participants – identifying trends in gaps between self and other rater groups for each participants
  • Scoring Distribution Summary – frequency distribution of all ratings  given by each rater group
  • Priority for Intervention Plan – total number of participants that require developmental focus for each item