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JUNE 2016

JUNE 2016

8 Small Signs People Use to Judge Your Personality

Are you aware of how you come across to others? You should be, because we can form fairly accurate opinions about people based on subtle behavioural cues. From how we treat waiters to our handshakes, these unconscious behaviours can predict what others think of our personalities, and can end up sabotaging our careers if we are not sufficiently mindful of ourselves.


The Personality of Donald Trump

What's Donald Trump's Hogan profile?


Workaholism: It’s not just long hours on the job

What is workaholism? It is popularly believed that workaholism only involves spending long hours at work, but this does not always hold true as a workaholic has persistent thoughts about work even when not working. Even though a workaholic may initially seem like an engaged worker, we know that workaholism eventually leads to various negative outcomes, including higher job stress, lower life satisfaction and declining physical health. Read on to find out more…


A 4,000-person IBM team dedicated to decoding millennials found young workers need 3 things from their bosses

What do millennials need and how can companies keep them engaged? IBM’s Millennial Corps, a team of employees working to improve millennials’ experience at IBM, identified 3 things millennials look for: ongoing feedback, career coaching and development, as well as having their ideas and opinions heard. What are the reasons behind these 3 needs?


Leadership Lessons from Muhammad Ali

As title


Selfish behavior lowers levels of happiness

Here’s another reason why we should engage in more altruistic acts. A recent study from the University of California, Riverside reported that being selfish, such as cheating to get ahead, can reduce our level of happiness. In particular, people who worked alone to cheat (rather than in a group setting) tend to report greater levels of unhappiness, as their actions might have strongly reminded them of their selfish motives and activated thoughts of others not seeing them as moral persons.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Lateral Career Moves for Professional Growth

A recent study on career decisions revealed that 89% of American employees surveyed would consider a lateral career move to take on positions with similar titles and pay grades, and without any financial incentive. Read on to find out why so many are willing to do so…


How Our Brain Unintentionally Sabotages Our Goals (And What to Do About It)

Even though we would like to think of ourselves as rational beings, the truth is that our brain often sabotages our actions, leading to poor choices that we may end up regretting. What are some steps we can adopt to manage this irrational and highly emotional aspect of us?


Former GE CEO Jack Welch says leaders have 5 basic traits — and only 2 can be taught

According to Jack Welch, the best leaders have 5 essential traits – positive energy, ability to energise others, edge, talent to execute, and passion – along with 3 baseline requirements of integrity, intelligence and emotional maturity. However, can all of these traits be taught?


Parenting: Pop Psychology

Happy Father's Day!


This Is Why Some People Get Promoted At Work And Others Don’t

We know that there are certain conditions to be fulfilled for a promotion to happen, i.e., the company requires a position to be filled, and at the same time, the person being promoted is keen on the role and is the best fit for it in terms of capabilities. Nevertheless, many can still get frustrated if they fail to get promoted, due to their misconceptions and a lack of understanding of what promotions really are. Read on to find out more…


Chinese boss publicly spanks employees' buttocks for "not working hard enough"

How would you like to be an employee of Shanxi Changzhi Zhangzhe Agricultural and Commerce Bank?


Leadership is Culture-specific

Do you agree? Feedback to us please....


Signs You Might Be a Toxic Colleague

No one likes being around toxic people, and a toxic team member can often pull the whole team down. Ever wondered whether you might be one yourself? Here are some signs you may come across as a toxic person, and their accompanying solutions.


Invisibilia: Is Your Personality Fixed, Or Can You Change Who You Are?

Is personality fixed?