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How people with Down syndrome are achieving their dreams

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Human nature is way too complex to be pinned down by personality tests

This why Hogan Assessments System is by far the most reliable, scientific and validated with high predictive value with the condition you know what you are looking for and the participant didnt fake it. And we have ways to verify that...


Facebook employees reveal 22 awful things about working at Facebook

If you were the HR professionals, what and how would you help?
This is a phase that sounds familiar to those of us who have worked at Dell, Microsoft, Google in the early days.....


8 leadership lessons from the book Facebook's HR chief recommends to all new managers

Perhaps it's time to first listen to high performers and high potentials.....


Galaxy Note7 recall: Samsung tripped on quality control in rush to pip Apple

What's your guess the Hogan profile might be?


How to Be Assertive, Not Aggressive

There is often a fine line between assertiveness and aggressiveness. What is the core difference between them, and how can we be assertive, and not aggressive?


Why You Should Interview People Who Turn Down a Job with Your Company

Many organisations conduct exit interviews and track turnover data, but may overlook a potentially valuable source of data originating from candidates who turned down job offers. What are the benefits of monitoring “declined offer” data, and how can companies go about gathering feedback from such candidates?


CEO gets jail for slapping cabby

To what extent alcohol impact self-control?


The 18 highest-paying jobs for detail-oriented people

What are some of the highest-paying jobs for detail-oriented people, based on data from the US Department of Labour? Not surprisingly, the majority of the jobs are in safety-critical industries, including aerospace, nuclear and medical…


The Connection Between Pride and Persistence

We are familiar with the downsides of pride, and may find it difficult to see pride as a positive attribute. However, studies have indicated that pride can be linked to perseverance and the pursuit of longer-term goals. The key is to keep pride to an appropriate level, to prevent it from being taken to the extreme in the form of hubris and arrogance.


Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure

Resilience often evoke misconceptions of “toughing it out” and “endurance”. However, the key to resilience is really about “trying really hard, then stopping, recovering, and then trying again”. This means that resilience is not about persisting amid exhaustion, but about strategically stopping work to recover both our brains and bodies, before bouncing back after a recovery period.


Britain's young Prince George shuns high-five, low-five from Canada's PM Justin Trudeau

The little Prince is a snub (he shook hands with the US President) or the Canadian PM needs some EQ? Which is which?


Why your smart friends can seem like such slackers

Do you find that some of your smarter friends are less physically active? A recent study confirms that such observations can be rather valid, and it is not because smarter people tend to be in jobs that are more desk-bound. Researchers found that people who have a higher need for cognition (i.e. they enjoy using their brains for effortful cognitive tasks) are a lot more comfortable being still with their thoughts, preferring to keep activity to their minds.


Ex-senior VP at ST Marine sentenced to jail

A case of high dutiful scores in Hogan Development Survey? Indecisive, ingratiating and conforming? Maybe...
Deputy presiding judge of the state courts Jennifer Marie said that Mok did not personally pocket any cash but was only continuing “a pre-existing practice at ST Marine to pay bribes to its customers’ employees, and to cover up the kickbacks with a false paper trail.”
“This sentence adequately recognises the need to send a strong signal to deter like-minded offenders that there are painful consequences that will flow from weak willed corporate executives,” she explained.
“Where there is a case of such rampant disregard of the law, it will be incumbent on senior officers to take a stand and if it is not possible to put an end to such illegal activities - then they should part company or the industry to report the activities to the authorities.”


3 Reasons Why People Who Feel Entitled End Up Miserable

Can entitled behaviour be changed? Some researchers believe it is not impossible, but extremely hard. This is because when entitled people fail to get what they want, they often suffer from negative emotions like disappointment and resentment. To protect their ego, these individuals end up blaming others for their misery, which then creates a vicious cycle reinforcing entitlement.


An Emotional Connection Matters More than Customer Satisfaction

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